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About Us

Oak Mountain Firewood is a family owned and operated business proudly serving all of Long Island, from Montauk to NYC. We are the first company on Long Island with a certified firewood kiln.

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Why kiln dried firewood?


Raw firewood contains a lot of leftover water, sometimes even after it is dried. This kind of firewood burns unevenly (or not at all), decays quickly, and attracts bugs and mold. It also makes the firewood heavier, driving up the cost substantially.

Our kiln drying process produces a much higher quality product. After about 3 days in the kiln, the firewood is thoroughly dried, lighter, cleaner, and far more durable than it was before.

firewood kiln
firewood kiln

More importantly, our firewood comes without all the garbage and harmful chemicals you’ll find in many other types of firewood. Just high quality, consistent, long-lasting firewood.

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